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Most Of All My Father Taught Me...

A great example in so many areas, but most of all my father taught me...


I watched him relearn golf, fishing, driving, writing, EVERYTHING after losing his predominant arm in an accident. I was 19 years old and I was watching. There were no excuses. There was no self-pity.

There was acceptance. There was work. There were even setbacks. But there was this phenomenal consistency at which he does everything in life. To learn or re-learn something like what he was faced with would take hundreds, if not thousands of reps.

And he did it.

He still does it.

He may not have thought I was listening or paying attention, but I was. I see it's importance.

You can never be all things all the time to your dog. But you CAN be consistent. That alone will set you up for success. ♥️⭐

Jerri with her father and Enzo at a soccer game. Enjoying life together
Jerri and Father

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