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Mastering Leash Pressure

Here I explain the difference in uses for the prong in terms an owner unfamiliar with the concept can understand: the leash pressure we use to teach a dog to heel is different than that of a leash pop for correction when loading.

There is a dog about 60 yards away off leash in the condo next to hers. Cash was loading (fixating towards the goal of reacting) at the dog. I wanted her to understand that loading requires a firm leash pop (or sometimes turning into a dog to change directions at the right moment. On the other hand, I wanted her to use GENTLE leash pressure and 180s for her leash drills when she practices in the yard.

Not everything is a hard leash pop. Not everything is gentle pressure. I over-exaggerate when I act out and explain things so the owner understands the motions. They will always under perform even when I exaggerate because they're just learning. As time goes on, I refine. I'll say, "Don't correct there", or "You didn't reward that check-in!" We start broad and narrow it down...just like any sport. No one learns a Euro step in basketball while you're still learning to dribble.

Have you ever noticed how Phil Jackson couldn't play basketball like Michael Jordan, but he still coached him to Championship wins? The coach isn't always the one with the best technique or the fanciest set of skills. They're the ones who can refine people's skills, bring a team together, lead people to excellence beyond even their own skill level. That's what I want to the largest team of owners in dog training history. All focused on supporting each other, having incredible work ethic, and celebrating the victories together.

It's not just about the dogs. It doesn't matter your level of advanced skill if you can't teach this to regular people AND get them to be consistent. It's about client management. It's about your relationship with that client. Because they're the one that lives with their dog. I want to my team to be engaged in my clients lives. The more they care, the harder they'll work for that client. In turn, that client will show up for their dog 💜🐾

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