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Mary's Leash Session

Mary's leash session today in Vicenza went swimmingly! She was previously a puller and highly distracted on the leash. In Italy, prong collar are banned, but this dog doesn't need one anyway. She need a slip lead and some proper guidance. Check out my stories later for the full process! 🐾

I spent about an hour with Mary today working first on leash pressure with the slip lead. We worked from the backyard moving closer to the street slowly, as we mastered the skills.

Out in the driveway, Mary was able to have distractions added of people talking close to us, but was behind the gated drive so we could ease into it.

Once on our quiet street, we made sure to cover no sniffing and set the tone for a structured walk with focus. Remember, the first several times you do this it is NOT going to be perfect. It will never be perfect; who wants that pressure?! The point is to progress thru effort and consistency. Just like any other sport.

Mary was getting it! We moved out to the frontage street of the neighborhood and practiced walking by houses without sniffing or lingering. We even saw a little feisty Chihuahua that Mary chose to ignore for a check-in and some pets! Atta girl!

On the way back we slowed the pace way down, helping Mary learn to calm down and listen even when things are slower than she'd like.

If you need help with your dog or are struggling with the leash, please DM me or go to my website at to find out more about how I can help you!

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