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Major Milestone with Enzo

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

MAJOR MILESTONE WITH MY PIT BULL ENZO. Full recall from a treed squirrel and completely controlled stay within 60yds of a herd of deer running. NO ECOLLAR bc I do not train with one. It was caught live on TikTok. It was amazing.

A lot of people say you can't train a game dog that way without an ecollar. I believe with enough work, you can.

Not everyone can do it. But we are not everyone. True balanced training has no limit to what the dog can learn.

I posted this before and it got cut off. I hope you understand how much this meant to me, why I was so emotional, for people to see Enzo and I how we truly are. Without the tools. But the tools helped reinforce these ideas.

It was such a cool moment for me to see my dog, bred to run down wild hogs...choose me. He chose me over two completely different kinds of prey in various stages of "the chase".

I knew that about him. But for other people to finally see it live was really special. He is my best friend. I am so glad I get to share his life with you. It's like he is amplified in all of your hearts too and that makes me feel like I'm doing ok out here ❤️

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