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Let’s Talk About Escalating Behaviors

Is your dog doing great on the leash and with most other skills? Let's start to work on something more! I'm talking about learning your dog's body language!

Escalating behaviors known as "loading" are different for each dog, but there are cues to look for as you learn.

The first thing...learn when to recognize the "hard stare" and how to effectively correct it. There is little talking. Only commands, corrections, and prompt rewards.

Watch me work with Enzo near a bunch of small critters at the pet store. (Disclaimer: Do not attempt this with a dog that isn't ready. You'll scare the tarnation out of the hamsters. Stay back and be respectful.)

Stay on lead at all times when you start. Keep sessions short. End on a good note. Remember, progress, not perfection!

Check out my website for more info. Link in bio!


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