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Know Your Place

The most useful skill in helping your dog learn to be calm is PLACE. It can be hard in the beginning, but remember you have tools in your tool kit! Use these tips for success: ➡️Spatial pressure to enforce the command of PLACE you gave one time. (Your voice is not enforcement, it's annoyance. Pressure is enforcement.) ➡️Stay close when you first start. Don't expect a dog just learning place stay to stay there while you leave the room for 15 minutes. Build your way up to longer time and added distance between you and your dog. ➡️Use the slip lead! Guide your dog there at first. It prevents them from running away and helps them understand what you're asking. ➡️It's okay to tether a dog to enforce place! Remember the golden rule though: You just be present for the whole place stay and not doing it out of laziness. A tethered unattended dog can get hurt! ➡️Don't forget to practice outside once you've mastered inside! Your dog loves to be outside with you. You can include them in more outdoor activities it you teach them what I call the "deactivate" command that naturally happens with a solid, consistent place stay! I carry this portable crate mat and lay it out for Enzo wherever we are! Try it with your dog once you've got it down inside. Read a book. Listen to some music. Meditate. If you want your dog to learn to be still, YOU must learn to be still. 🐾⭐

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