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Know When Enough Is Enough For Your Dog

Please watch the body language of this dog. It is TERRIFIED. While I love to ask dogs to be brave, there is a point at which it isn't helpful. Tail down, ears pressed back, wide eyes, shifty/quick flight mode.

I have put in hundreds, if not thousands of hours into training Enzo. He is bomb proof on joggers, cyclists, motor cycles, diesel trucks, rifles, etc. Even I would not have included him in this chaos. We were off to the side in a quiet sit, observing. No one touches him.

The energy was not structured and controlled. It was chaotic. The handler was a young boy using a retractable leash for a small dog and no skills on how to handle a situation like this. I AM NOT DOING THIS TO SHAME OR BE RUDE. I want to share with parents that while I am sure this is well-intentioned, this is not the place for a dog. This dog is now FAR MORE LIKELY to be uneasy around large groups of people, running and yelling children, and bicycles. They learn to expect what you expose them to. If you don't do it properly, the dog will suffer for that.

The proper place is off to the side with a confident leader prepared to handle situations that may arise, with a dog that's already been exposed to this kind of chaos. Remember, dogs are not attachments to our lives...they are a part of our lives because they are living beings with souls. They are designed to be LED by humans.

What happens if you get stuck in chaos without planning?? Remain calm. Ask for check-ins. Slowly move away from the area using leash and focus drills to keep your dog engaged. Do NOT correct a dog that is terrified. Instead, slowly leave the situation while continuing to train thru!!

If you would like more info on how to help your children learn how to properly grow their bond with your dog, please contact my website for more info and support! You can even DM me!

As a mother of a blended family of 8, we have to have very specific rules and guidelines to ensure everyone is safe and having the best time they possibly can!!!

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