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Just do your best!

There are days I don't wanna do one of my four full time jobs:

⭐Mother (there are so many of them now and it's terrifying and awesome to be around my own huge family)

⭐Tony's partner (lost his house keys 2 days after I gave them to him but is the greatest man I know)

⭐ Big boss lady at #tulsapackathletics (wildly under qualified to run a business and still doing it well)

⭐Social media. Explanation not required.

I can't be awesome at each thing every day. I can TRY MY BEST. I can ask for help when I need it. I can pray.

Just a friendly reminder to people juggling a lot of hats, you're doing great. Thank you for even trying.

P.s. That is me holding a shitty diaper. I'm still adorable and so are you when you clean literal shit and no one ever thanks you. 👏🏾😘🤣

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