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I've Got His Ear. An Intro to Dog Behavior

"I've got his ear," you'll hear me say often. What does that mean? 🤷🏾‍♀️

Horse people...time to chime in now. I learned it from riding horses my whole life. It never occurred to me that it did not apply to dogs. So I just treated it similarly and as I matured in mind, body, and life experience, I could differentiate what was unique to the dog. Dogs have one of the easiest body languages to read....if we took the time to study it.

These are examples of Enzo's inside ear or both ears turned into me because I am either giving a command or he is awaiting command. If you have ever watched my lives on her or TT, you've seen me explain it as it happens. It's beautiful to watch and explain a language I speak so fluently to other people that are interested in learning their dogs language too.

Studying the ears will help you understand how much of your dogs attention you really have. Knowing what the level of focus is helps you prevent disasters/unwanted behaviors, and missed opportunities to give them a chance to choose the right thing. It more importantly helps you watch and observe our dogs, a component we often miss or avoid. Both are critical to understanding your dog.

This is for those of you ready to elevate, the people already implementing structure, the people with loose leash walks, and the ones ready for more work and a better bond with their dog.

When you take the time to learn about your dog, you WILL find answers. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. ❤️

(Sidenote: As I speak on this topic more, it's actually quite interesting to me that other dog trainers and enthusiasts often don't know what I'm talking about. That's not to say I am better or worse than anyone else, it's just information I happen to have because of my life experience. It excites me to know that this information is even interesting to people, so thanks for being open-minded about a topic few speak on. (If you find others that do PLEASE dm me their profile so I can check them out and hopefully learn more.)

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