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I Practice Being Myself

People often ask me how I became so confident in just being myself?

I practice. I practice being myself:

🟣Even when other people don't like it.

🟣Even when it's not the cool thing to do.

🟣Even when it's embarrassing.

🟣At all costs. Which means there is pain involved.

🟣Knowing it won't always feel good but it's good FOR me.

Confidence is a skill you learn and improve upon, not a character trait.

Women are not taught confidence. We're taught to be quiet and look pretty. We are taught that we make less money than men for doing the exact same jobs and need to just accept it. We don't see people that look like us in job fields we might be interested in if we had some representation. What a loss to those fields.

When you leave out women or don't fairly include them in processes, careers, positions of power or influence... You've lost.

We are the carriers and bearers of life.

We are the nurturers.

We are crazy enough to jump fences and steal pit bulls who are being neglected WITH NO FEAR.

We start businesses and crush competition.

We graduate at the top of our class. (We, not me 😁)

We raise children and run businesses.

Or we just raise children which is HARD.

We are the brilliant, amazing, exquisite, beautiful, tantalizing energies that bring color to life, to homes, to our partners, to our children, our families, our workplaces, our friends, and our communities.

Without us, life stops. Without us, love stops.

💜If you've read this far...

Tag the name of a woman that inspires you to be your full self and tell me three sentences why. They may not even know how much they've helped you!💜

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