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In Order For Things to Get Better, They Must First Get Worse

Five months ago, my TikTok account had 199,000 followers. It was banned and I lost the account and all the followers on New Years Eve. 2020 gave me a final "Got ya b*tch!"

I needed to lose that account. I was rude. I told too many people to fuck off. I wasted too much of my time on haters and trolls. I spent more time worrying about social media than I did with my children. So the universe balanced it out for me. Poof!!! Gone. I didn't steward over the platform I'd been given properly, and it was taken from me.

So I refocused. I started over. I built a team around me. A really solid one of amazing human beings. I made better decisions. I ignored the comments, I kept working and building.

It took me a year to build a shitty account, and a day for God to take it from me. He was protecting me. From myself. I needed to do a better job, so He gave me the chance.

Today I passed the number I had lost. And these followers are not trolls. They don't comment hateful things bc I'm not putting that out into the universe anymore. There are people with more followers. There are people with less. Does it really matter? Yes. But not the's the QUALITY of the people.

You attract what you put out into the world. So this time, I attracted some bad asses. Ready to learn. Ready to work. Ready to chase their dreams.

Sometimes things have to be removed from your life so they can be replaced with better things that propel you forward. Trust the process. Nothing happens in God's world by mistake.

And there is nothing to be embarrassed about ever. ❤️🐾

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