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If You Want Something Awesome, Do Awesome Things to Get it

If you ever get a couple of studs like this in your life, there are things you should know that no one tells you:

✳️They do not fall in your lap. It takes WORK.

✳️Just because they're handsome, doesn't mean they're perfect.

✳️Yelling, nagging, and/or complaining doesn't work.

✳️No they do not OWE you anything. It's a choice to be loyal to you.

✳️The standard is higher. For everything. EVERYTHING. If you want to be lazy, this is not for you.

✳️If you want something awesome, do awesome things to get it and keep it. Practice excellence.

✳️Authentic people are repelled by fakeness, which is a marker to insecurity. BE YOURSELF AT ALL TIMES.

✳️Do not rely on these two to pay your bills, drive you around, let you another with affection bc you feel bad, or solve your problems. They are partners to you. Teammates. Where one falls, the other remains strong until you both are shoulder to shoulder again.

✳️Communication is everything. If you don't build a solid foundation, it will crack under the pressure and stimuli of the world around you.

✳️Burn the life boats. There's no back up. You're not getting re-homed, either of you. So step right into this solution with me so we can SUCCEED in the midst of our troubles.

Because we will. Every time.

Tony is back to Italy for a few weeks. I'm gonna miss the big guy and his tornado of chaos. Life may be many things with Tony (and Enzo), but it is NEVER boring. ♥️😍

If you want something awesome, do awesome things

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