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How We Run a Business

I spent years working in a business that doesn't really value it's technicians the way it should. At this point in my life, with the platform I have, and the following I have created, I want to start very difficult discussions where I could not before.

There are shining stars in your practice. It's your job to cultivate them. It's your job to steward over them. It is not your job to make them small and mediocre. Do better.

I have a vet assistant working for me now that is a diamond. A gem of a human being. I let her do all the things and dream all the things and her personal growth is tremendous, even with personal loss. I thank God every day for the people put in my charge. THEY DON'T HAVE TO BE THERE. They could be anywhere else yet chose me and my business. I choose to honor that with respect.

They all work remotely. They choose their schedule. There are no rules because we're all ADULTS. They aren't idiots. I don't write people up. There's no cell phone rules or hair and tattoo rules. It is a colossal waste of time for the head of the business to spend time talking about wearing name tags. We have actual work to do. Where your name tag or don't. I don't give a shit if you're helping dogs and owners and giving 100%.

#tulsapackathletics only task: Do the work to the best of your ability and BE YOURSELF. Your glorious, unique self. I am here to put you on a platform and let you shine. That makes me the happiest out of everything. Seeing people finally realize they are meant for so much more. And then telling them I TOLD YOU SO. I could see it in you all the time. ❤️🐾

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