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Goodbye Tony, Hello Super Sonic Sailor Jerri

Time to say goodbye to Tony again. Back to Italy again. I want to complain, but this is our life.

He travels. I travel. We hang out as much as we can and work like crazy the rest of the time.

So now we can say goodbye to Tony and hello to super Sonic ball busting psychotic work mode Sailor Jerri again. Yay!!

That'll be fun!

I've got my ears e-book about to drop (finally!), an amazing and intimate retreat I'm hosting in 6 weeks (details in link below), a new sponsorship I am soon to announce that is gonna shake some things up in the tool world, new resource links for my book nerds out there (I see you my people), continuation of my successful apprenticeship program (email me at my website if you're interested), lots of doggies to train, and...

I'M REVIEWING @handoverrover new leash course so I can discuss it right here on IG and talk about my experience learning from one of the best communicators in the country: Koco Garcia. She's a lunatic in all the right ways so I know it's gonna be intense but amazing. If you want to beat me to it, check out her page for more info. It's $20. Yes. You heard me right. 😭♥️

Circle back to your point Jerri. Land the plane.

My point: Tony I love you, but I'll see you later. Enjoy Italy. I've got work to do.

Now tell me, which one of those projects are you most excited about and why????

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