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Good Boy Enzo!

I love when Enzo gets new things. Especially when it's something he's scared of or averse to in some way.

He hated the sound of bells! So he would never use the bells at the door to alert to go outside on his own. I would have to make him do the TOUCH command every time.

Well, today he video bombed me and slid in with a GOOD BOY!!!!!!

It never stops. It's not a race to the finish line. It's a conversation over their lifetime. You learn their language. You don't give up...even when it seems they'll never get it.

So glad I caught this. I love this fucking dog. He's a lot cooler than people even realize. (And for those of you saying "big deal, he rang a bell, you're a dog trainer that's easy", my comment would be "Yeah I just showed you. It's as easy as doing it over and over for months). 😁

I celebrate every small victory with Enzo.

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