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Going That Extra Mile

This is Margaret. And this was one of my favorite things I've probably ever done as a dog trainer.

I was leaving seeing a client Margaret was supposed to shadow me on, but the scenario was not conducive to more people, so I had to tell her not to come. I knew she was disappointed, but she handled it well and let me know she would take any time I had.

When I left Sunday morning for my last client session, I messaged her to see if she wanted to try and catch me at the airport before my flight left. She agreed. She had to drive over an hour to get here. That's the kind of thing I will show up for EVERY TIME. People that go the extra mile to reach a goal are my jam. People that take the risk.

I didn't even know what she looked like. I said, "I'll be returning my rental car. If you can find me, I'll answer whatever questions I can for you." She drove all that way. When someone tries that hard, you have to honor that effort. So we won't into Where's Waldo mode 👀

She found me. She waited in a spot she couldn't miss me. Very clever. I answered what I could, did some demos with the slip lead, and we talked about what changes they could make at home to promote more structure and mental work, while still being an active member of the family they so desperately want their Bully to be. The biggest message: dial back the affection. Create habits within structure.

Margaret came ready with questions. She listened. She tried things herself so I could critique her. We used her wrist to learn leash pressure. We used a parking spot to learn spatial pressure. Never listen to someone tell you that dog training MUST be a certain way. Anyway you can gain knowledge and understanding about your relationship with your dog is important. Do not be afraid to ask. Do not be afraid to position yourself correctly in hopes you might find answers there.

You never know who might walk in front of you in an airport parking lot. 🐾⭐

Such a pleasure to meet you and your partner Margaret.

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