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Don't wish for your dog to be better. Make them better!

A confident dog is one created through structure, discipline, consistency, and encouragement. There are no short cuts.

Enzo is a wonderful example of what a high drive dog can be given a more structured life. I set a high standard and I do not deviate from that for any reason. Not for a headache, not for a bad day. Champions do not miss days for convenience. How do I keep a high standard if I can't even be consistent?

Are there days we aren't perfect? HELL YES. No days are perfect. But we push forward, willing to improve. Attitude is everything. It will save you on the days talent eludes you. Cheer your team on.

Stop wishing your dog was better. Because we all know you can wish in one hand and shit in the other and see which one fills up faster. (It's the hand with shit in it. Stop wishing. Take action.)

DM me for some help specific to you, your dog, and the shit show that is currently going on in your home. I got your back boo. 💜

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