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Don't Just Train Your Dog, Become One With Them.

The power of FRONT PORCH SITTIN' 🌻🐶

Things move slowly in the country, but time passes all the same. Spending time sitting outside Enzo helps us experience calm together.

It benefits us both: he learns to be calm and observant, while I learn to be quiet and observant. Neither of us is trying to go against our nature. My nature is to talk and laugh. His is to run fast and bite stuff. We're trying to channel the energy that runs those things. To do that successfully, we have to practice the OPPOSITE of our nature.

So every morning, he sits here with me while I work. He has rules, but is free to make decisions for himself within the boundaries I have set. His good decisions are a result of a disciplined life.

Photo 1: Sit or down only on the porch. Don't linger.

Video 1: Down stays are the best way to practice watching other dogs walk past for maximum control and reaction time.

Photo 2: Your dog wants to just be near you in a healthy way. They don't need to be on your lap. Place stay helps them manage their own anxieties!

Video 2: Are you working on teaching your dog the boundaries of the yard? Are you practicing recall with a long lead line or just expecting your dog listen magically? Really work on this stuff and make it priority!!

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