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Does Your Dog Hide for Medication?

Medicating your dog can be a real B$&@H. 🥴

Here's a little tip you may have never thought of on this FINE Sunday...

Grab that slip lead baby. Grab it good. Wrangle that dog just like you should.

Communicate with your dog in a language it can understand. That language is NOT you grabbing it out of the corner by its collar and wondering why it trembles in fear every time.

Enzo doesn't like it. He never will JUMP to be medicated. But he tolerates it safely and calmly.

That is the goal: Be handled safely. (Which can also happen just as well with a muzzle if you need one...condition properly first.)

#dogmedication #topicalcream Sailor Jerri the dog trainer medicating her dog Enzo
Giving Enzo meds

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