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Communication is Everything

This is my client Samantha and her dog Ace. They live in the far north of Canada in Labrador. She has little access to any trainer, let alone a real world dog trainer. She's not the only one. In Canada alone, I have clients in Alberta, Montreal, Saskatchewan, Toronto, and Vancouver. So what's my point?

A lot of people wonder what it is that I do. How my clients dogs get trained when I never touch them. Their owners do all the work! Yes, I am a balanced trainer. But I'm not even the best one. I'm decent when among great trainers. So what's the special sauce?? How do I get results? Ready for my secret?

It's the communication level. It's top notch, all access, every day. The reason people don't follow through is because there's no one there to make them. And dogs suffer because of it.

So I fixed that problem. I've got eight trainers in three countries, and we are growing everyday with one mission:

To bring my vision to light:

DAILY communication with owners for the duration of their program. No question unanswered. No task to walk thru alone. Total support from the ground up for every level of knowledge of dog owner, from "I just got a puppy" to "My dog is reactive." You are all welcome here.

No one will ever tell me again that something cannot be done. As Koco @handoverrover would say "Grab your popcorn and fucking watch me."

We're saving dogs here people. Get creative.

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