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Collaboration Time with Fellow Balanced Dog Trainers <3

Jerri's Collaboration Tour 2021 starts off with the man, the myth, the legend himself...Jonas Black, ...Austin's star dog trainer. AKA Punk Ass Dog Trainer with his hundreds of thousands of followers on TikTok stirring up the industry.

Jonas has a no nonsense attitude and an unparalleled work ethic. He also cusses like a sailor and does not give a f*ck all about what people think of him, which is why he's my friend.

He has challenged my skills and knowledge, called me out when I was wrong, helped me by teaching me to hone my craft and become a master at what I do. He fully supports women in this business and is an outstanding leader and mentor to myself and many other up and coming trainers. He's also full of shit half the time and is an entirely ridiculous human who lives the life I live...of real freedom, answering to no one, being who we are without apologies. I need people like that in my life.

Now I'm gonna go lead him around on a prong collar on camera and make him question his life decisions that led to meeting me and becoming my friend. Can't wait. All for the Gram baby. All for the Dog trainer Gram. 🤣🖤🏆

P.S. We love helping you guys. The new generation of balanced trainers is coming together to make some moves! Keep watching to see what we come up with and make sure you check my stories for behind the scenes fun! More 2021 collabs to come with trainers you know and love!


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