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Boss Mom

Do you dream of being THAT mom? The one dressed cute, kids all behaving, dog off leash in a down stay at a soccer game?

Stop dreaming. Let's get you started on Boss Mom status. But knowing where to start is hard! Before you jump to off leash stuff.....slow down. First things first.

This type of control requires some foundation! Make sure these boxes are checked before you try advanced work such as off leash, or even the thousand distractions present on leash at this soccer game. Balls roll by, whistles sound, kids scream and run, they try to pet Enzo, the toddler tried to run into the field, etc. You need foundation so your dog stays calm and doesn't lose his sh*t because of the energy levels and lack of training.

Get these things down at a minimum:

1) Crate training: It's not up for discussion at this point. It makes YOU feel bad to crate your dog because you don't want to be mean. YOU'RE NOT.

2) Hand-feeding: To cultivate focus and teach your dog that life giving resources flow from you to them.

3) Place stay: Calm dogs learn to be calm by practicing stillness and self soothing.

4) Leash pressure: If you don't teach what the leash means, guess what you get? A puller. Or a dog that shuts down and won't move.

5) Get off my bed and furniture until you earn the privilege. Some of y'all have naughty ass dogs that don't listen for shit, and your ass let's them live like a king for doing literally nothing. You don't even treat humans that way, do you? So stop doing it to your dog. Privileges are EARNED.

6) Dial back affection. It makes YOU feel better to pet them. Pet your dog when it is calm and seeks affection. Keep it brief and don't overdo it. If you do, that's for you, not them. You need to try harder to police your hands.

There's more, but this is a great start. What we do at #tulsapackathletics is help you with every step. From the beginning to as far as you want to go! If you are overwhelmed, fed up, don't know where to start....holla if ya hear me. We can help! From ANYWHERE in the world


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