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Bobby and His Amazing Mom

This is Bobby. He will live in my heart forever. He passed away tragically during our training in January. He had a brain aneurysm. Nothing could be done. He did not suffer, but his loss is huge.

His mom Zoe, was one of my favorite clients. I was in Italy and I was helping her with Bobby and we were having so much fun. When I tell you that Zoe trained him well, I mean he was PHENOMENAL. Top shelf material. Everything was going great until the day she messaged to say that he just....died. I didn't know what to do or say. She was in Vancouver. I was in Italy. I couldn't even hug her. She was so heartbroken. He really was special. He even had a little mohawk.

A few weeks went by and Zoe asked if I could help her train their family's beagle, Hugo. I was proud of her for putting her love for Bobby into the family dog. A Beagle would be tough though. But not for Zoe. Hugo was trained so well within a week! He is now working off leash!

God is the ultimate strategist. And he used Bobby's little life to make a miracle. For a long time, Zoe had wanted to train dogs. She has a raw talent, a quiet and gentle way, and to tell you the truth SHE is even more special. I asked her if she wanted to come apprentice under me. She accepted my offer and a few months and several clients later, she is well on her way to being a dog trainer.

Bobby's life was not in vain. His death was the catalyst to ask Zoe something I already wanted to ask her...if she would work for me. When I saw how she pushed forward to give to another dog despite her grief, I wanted to foster that growth at all costs. Now she SUCCESSFULLY helps other people transform their pets and themselves. She saw how her relationship with Bobby changed and improved with balanced training. She has skin in the game. It really matters to her to help people with their dogs.

I sure am proud of you kiddo. Bobby lives forever inside of each of these dogs you train. And everyone reading this is crying and cheering you on, but always know my voice is the loudest. ❤️❤️❤️ @bobbysangeltraining for more info on Zoe!

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