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Bishop's Progression

Bishop the Cane Corso's first session IN TIME LAPSE!

Often time we make it look sooooo easy on social media. It's not. And we are doing you a disservice to make you believe it all happens in 60 seconds with Renegade playing in the background.

Dog training is tedious at times. It requires patience. Fortitude. Determination...even to be still and calm. If I can do it, someone loud/hyper/prone to move around, then YOU can learn these things as well!

I really like that you can see how long you really work a dog in these time lapsed videos. It's helps you all understand that real work goes into this, but you are capable of doing it too. Let's dive in!

▶️Video 1: The Crate

He busts out like a Mack truck and has injured his housemate accidentally. We need to teach him CALMNESS BEFORE EXITING.

▶️Video 2: Exiting the crate

That took like 25 minutes. But we stick it out. Dogs will test your will. You have to be willing to outlast them and wait for behaviors you want!

▶️Video 3: Slip lead/leash pressure:

Again, it takes longer than a 30 second #reels so let me show you in time lapse what it's really like. Bishop imposes his space on everyone's and everything. Here I use the lead to work on turning into him and teaching him to respect my space. He took to that and was checking in by no time.

▶️Video 4: Fitting and introduction of prong:

Dogs with big jowls and dewlaps (the skin around the underneath of the neck) can be hard to fit prongs for....ask a trainer to help. The prong is introduced AFTER the slip lead is understood by dog and owner. It is not designed to stop pulling. It merely aids as an additional component to the leash pressure you're using to communicate with your dog. The leash pops are FAST/QUICK, but not hard, even on a huge dog like this.

➡️Time for Bishop to decompress a bit and rest in his crate. Always let your dog rest in their crate or do a place stay after training! It helps them soothe themselves back into the right state of energy.

Stay tuned for session 2 later today!

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