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Be The Best Version Of You

"La dolce vita" (The sweet life) ⭐💜 Part of this vision for my life is to actually experience cultures and places. Live among people as they live. Do what they do. Broaden my horizons. Experience something outside of the same things I have always known.

Being here gives me a chance to see that there are different ways to live, believe, be. "There are a lot of ways to the top of the mountain, but the view is always the same."

Today I climbed into the vineyards high in tbe steep hills of Riomaggiore. I wanted to see what they see. The view they have is breathtaking. They do not have a lot of material things, but they have La Dolce Vita. And that is worth more than any material possession this world could afford.

They are healthy. They have community. They value tradition. They take care of their surroundings in a way that encourages and maintains indescribable beauty. Everything authentic. No cutting corners. It cheapens the world that exists here.

It made me think about how that's like training dogs. The more you promote the healthy bond and the exemplification of dog ownership, the more beautiful the process becomes. Once you learn more, observe more, accept another way as possible (even if you don't use that way), you are growing. Experiences help us better understand the world around us.

Everything you do and see and learn becomes part of who you are. Find things that excite you and encourage you to grow in ways you hadn't thought of before!

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