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Be sure to congratulate yourself on hard work

is is my client Alejandra and her dog Daisy. She came to me really lost and struggling. But I could see what she could not...

I could see that she had a willingness to listen and learn. I could see she had confidence and consistency in there. I just needed her to see that. I had to pull it out of her so she could see how great of an owner she really is.

So I taught her the skills and structure. I watched her get up early before work, stay up late after work, teach place, crate train, make Daisy work for meals, teach recall, drill 180s, ask questions, and more.

We cry together. We laugh together. But mostly I support HER WHILE SHE TRAINS HER DOG. Most of the time she answers her own question before I get a chance to answer because she is determined to do this right and she is learning!

Please take a moment to congratulate her hard work and encourage her to keep sharing her shining example of hard work and loyalty to the cause of excellent dog ownership.

THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WE SHOULD BE SHOWING. These people should be getting a million views. These are our role models ladies. Women who are willing to do whatever work is necessary to achieve their goal. We should champion them at all costs and support them even when they make mistakes because they are trying.

Congratulations Alejandra and Daisy for making it this far. I can't wait to see where your star shines. Thank you for trusting me to help you. ⭐⭐⭐

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