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Are you giving too much affection?? And why shouldn't you?

Affection is important in praise and building a bond BUT, don't overdo it. It leads to anxiety and reactivity in your dogs. Think of it like this: affection is a reward. What happens to anything when too much reward but no discipline is given? Would you just constantly give your child lollipops just bc it makes you feel nice to do it? You would not. It makes us feel nice to pet our dog's so we do it way too much most of the time.

100% of the reactive dogs I see...100% of them, get too much affection.

So when is it right?

Give affection when your dog is calm. Another great time to give some pets are after a job well done during training!

My dog Enzo likes his pets, but to keep him at maximum balance, I have to be careful not to push human emotions and behaviors onto him. Dogs don't pet each other. That's a thing we do to them. And it's ok, but in moderation and when appropriate.

If your dogs jump all over you and lack general manners, you're probably guilty of giving too much affection and not enough structure. Common mistake, but one we can all work on together to help our dog's live calm and balanced lives!

⭐Sailor Jerri the Dog Trainer⭐

Enzo, the King of calm hanging out at the park
Enzo in the Park

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