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Always remember: Boundaries

If you're like me, it's sometimes difficult to make sure three different kids don't walk in at any time unexpectedly. So I teach them that when I stick my hand up and ask you to stop and back up around the dog...I mean business. It could be because I am feeding him, or because I am training him.

I teach them to not encroach upon his space and disrespect him in that way. He is taught to treat them the same way. Boundaries are not just for your dog. You are teaching your children how to interact with ALL dogs and they just get to practice on the one in your house. What are you teaching them about dogs?

If your child goes and sticks it's hand in your dog's bowl, it will think that is acceptable behavior to do to a dog and most likely repeat that behavior to another dog. Your child pulls ears and rides dogs, screams and runs towards them, shoots nerf darts at them...that kid is gonna get bit. If not by your dog, by someone else's when he does it at their house.

Please teach your children that the dogs are to be left alone unless they are supervised by an adult, always let them eat and sleep in peace, never run from a dog or scream, stay out of their face, and always ask to pet first!! 💜💜💜

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