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A success story with Stormy

When Stormy and her mom Brittny came to me for help, Stormy would tremble in fear in her own front yard. She refused to get into the car. She was incredibly anxious and her mom was unsure how to handle it, even though she had a good grasp on dog training.

We worked on exposure by sitting and waiting. Brittny dialed back affection, created more structure, and began including Stormy in MORE things with the family. And she began to see progress!

Yesterday she was able to go to the library with her family. All because her mom has been working so hard with her. What a major accomplishment when we started out so fearful! GOOD JOB YOU TWO!! ❤

How do I help my clients if in not there with them? Brittny and Stormy are in Georgia! Well, I am a remote trainer. I use technology to help you and your dog! You do all the training, you build the bond. I'm just here to show you how to do what I do with my dog, and to give you whatever resources you need to be successful in building your best relationship with your dog!

Check out my website and join me there to learn more or schedule a consult! I can help you from ANYWHERE you are! You do not have to suffer alone without help. I am here to help you, and if I can't, I'll find out who can. ❤🐶👑

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