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A realization of social media. What do we really value??

Am I training dogs or are we looking for clout? It's a question I had to ask myself when my TikTok account got banned. Was I here to offer a solution? Or did I just want views and followers?

I had to change. When my account got banned, I made a commitment to stop feeding into negativity. Sensational videos. Trending things. I want to share in the solution. I also want to entertain you, make you smile, remind you that life is amazing and your dog is the coolest partner for that!

If you are an aspiring careful what you value. Be careful how you let social media govern what you say, show, and present to the world.

Because they ARE watching. And we DO influence them. What are we showing them? Positivity? Solution? Hope? Encouragement?

I hope so. I made the mistake once of not doing that. Wasting my time and theirs. I paid for that. And then I learned a valuable lesson in its entirety:

Your vibe DOES attracts your tribe.

My tribe has become goal oriented and solution focused. I will do whatever it takes to keep it that way. The whole squads ready with slo mo hair flips and trained dogs. 🔥🐕

Thanks for letting me talk about how everyone copies you. 🖤


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