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8 Full Years of Sobriety!

I now have a full 8 years of sobriety. Eight years of a clear mind. Eight years of constant effort to be better. Done IMPERFECTLY.

Everyone has something to offer. Maybe not in every word they say, but perhaps in an idea or way of life. Aligning with every single thing another person believes is dangerous. They are not you. Your life experience is different. You have to take what you need and leave the rest to the wind.

It can be difficult and painful for me to learn lessons. Sometimes they hurt and are embarrassing, sometimes there is nothing but gratitude. I started to analyze why that is. I believe the way we speak to people when getting a point across is so important. The people that helped me change my life did not shame me. They did not make me feel less than them or wrong because they are always right. They taught me about being grateful and moving thru my mistakes with love and kindness towards myself because I really was trying my best. I needed to know that mattered. I kept going, and today, I am confident and walk thru life with love because that's what I was taught and shown.

Recently in dog training, I have seen so much hatefulness and finger pointing. It makes me sad because this is supposed to be fun and exciting. This is about your experience with your dog and how we can help that be better. How can I help you achieve the goals and dreams you have with your dog? How can I learn to move most effective in teaching and supporting? How can I best serve you?

What I offer is about lifestyle...A total change in the way we think about our dogs and what they are capable of is the goal. Involving them more, making it a standard to be excellent, minding our business about other owners and just working thru things with our own dog to be better and have a stronger bond. That's the goal!

You can get help here. That's what I'm here for. That's it. Just to help and also make you laugh and smile! Remember that Jerri & Enzo are not that special. We just work hard to do what we do. I am more than happy, willing, and grateful to share that information with you in hopes that it helps you and your dog too!

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