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I began training dogs professionally in 2015. I stumbled upon the opportunity which led to finding my passion. I continue to further my learning, education and experience through conferences, webinars, workshops, reading and pod casts. I graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2020, I am also a Fear Free Certified Professional, member of International Association of Canine Professionals, and a certified American Kennel Club CGC evaluator. In my experience I have learned that no two dogs are alike; my passion is to empower owners to embrace their dog’s unique personality and needs to bring out the best in both dog and owner

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Services with Me

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Virtual Training

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Hybrid Training

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In Person Training

One month of training including daily check ins.  This allows you to start exactly where you and your dog are at.  No added stress of fitting an hour training session plus drive time in each week.

Perfect mix of virtual and in person training where we train virtually for 4 week PLUS have an in person session at the end to fine tune everything we learned together.  I can also answer any lingering questions you have and have a pack walk if your pup is at a good place in training.

In home In person sessions are available with me in a variety of ways! Contact me using the button above to get something scheduled!  These can happen in your home or on location at a American Kennel Club.

I got Nelly in 2013 and I started training dogs in 2015.  I became a dog trainer for a company called Petco. I The Senior Dog Trainer & Mentor for Petco.  That just means I train the new trainers and take them through the dog trainer instructor program. 


I am here because the open minded approach resonates with me and because petco is strictly force free I was not able to help so many dogs and I want to be able to offer help to as many dogs and their owners as possible. According to the ASPCA over 400,000 dogs are euthanized each year due to behavioral issues. These are dogs that had familie; they can be helped!! My goal is to own my own dog training business here in Las Vegas and spreading the word about the open minded approach. Another reason why I am here is who wouldn’t want to learn from Jerri and the rest of Tulsa Pack Athletics trainers?!? 

My hope is that I will become confident through my internship and then finally follow my dream of doing it on my own. I also have two teenagers that I raise that takes up a big part of my life outside of dog training.

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