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How Reactive Dog Training Can Help You and Your Dog

If you have a “reactive dog,” you know how difficult it can be to train them the right way. Even if you have the best dog trainer, without the proper reactive dog training, your pooch will continue to be troublesome. Whether you’re dealing with a dog that’s stubborn or one that simply can’t stay still on a leash, there are many reasons why reactive dog training can help. First, it’s important to find a dog trainer who knows how to handle your dog in a calm, collected way. Reactive dogs will continue to be this way if they’re constantly scared or feel uneasy. The proper form of reactive training will teach your dog how to be happy and relaxed, even when they’re on a leash. It’s very important to note that reactive dog training is not a one size fits all endeavor. Every dog is different, which is why you need a dog trainer that gives you and your pet personal attention.

As you and your dog participate in reactive dog training, you’ll begin to notice that your furry family member starts to develop a calmer demeanor. Over time, with proper training, any dog can listen better, follow commands, and enjoy a happy and healthy life. There are different kinds of reactive dogs: the fear-reactive dog and the frustration-reactive dog are the most common. A fear-reactive dog usually has a fight or flight response when they see, hear, or smell certain triggers. This can cause your dog to pull on the leash or act in an aggressive manner. Frustration-reactive dogs focus on triggers so much that they tune everything else out, including the sound of your voice. No matter what type of dog you have, Tulsa Pack Athletics is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our training options and packages to help get your dog on the right track.

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