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All About Me

Hiii!! I'm Chelsea. I’m from a suburb North of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  I run all of the stuff behind the scenes and some marketing at Tulsa Pack Athletics, I’m an animal behaviorist and dog trainer.  My first job was at PetSmart the day I turned 16.  I was always drawn to animals and to helping them and rehabilitating them if they needed it.  When I was younger I even nursed a bunny back to health that had an unfortunate incident with a lawn mower,  He got better and hopped away after a couple weeks.  Every chance I get I watch them and wonder what they're thinking and relate to them as if we are both just animals and neither is inferior. 


My lived experience gives me a unique perception to animals and those around me.  A perception paired with sincere and effective communication skills to be able to coach dog owners and entrepreneurs along their path to success.  Helping others is at the forefront of my model in life.  By finding humility and compassion for everyone and every situation I'm in I have an edge over the competition.  There is a bittersweet duality to all of life that each and every person has to become aware of for real growth to happen.  To stay the same is to stay stagnant. Like a breeding ground for mosquitos. To change is to keep moving and flowing like a river would; seeping into every crack and crevice until the valleys are full and my cup is over flowing. I'm working towards traveling on the road full time. The time I get to spend with my new dog (Nigel - not pictured) molding him has been very helpful and most insightful for my journey in life.  


I got my bachelors degree in Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at Penn State (WE ARE!!!). Which is basically animal behavior and science mixed with medicine.  Since then I’ve been working in the medical field and gaining my experience until I branched off with Jerri; helping her with TPA.  We go way back as veterinary technicians together in Tulsa, OK.  


I am also an entrepreneur's secret weapon.  Ready to dive into all aspects of helping you build your online presence with specialization in all in one website platforms, organization, and support. Ex: content creation, creating automated processes for their community/clients), doing the research so you don't have to.


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REWARD if found - has microchip - may not go by Jax anymore - Has been missing for 2 years - last seen 49th St North Tulsa, Oklahoma -

 10 years old


I've always loved animals and worked with them since I was 16.  Learning their behaviors, mannerisms, and individual quirks has helped be able to relate to animals on a deeper level.  I have rescued a few animals and rehabbed a kitten with special needs that came into an animal hospital I worked at.  With 16 years of experience working with all kinds of animals I am uniquely equipped to help you with your animal issues. I am available for Virtual Dog Training as well as dog sitting while I am on the road.  

Niagara Falls


Lacking the time and energy to do a bunch of research you KNOW you need to get done to start a project, make a decision, or grow your business? Leave the busy work up to me.  I'll spend hours researching what you need and come to you with a detailed analysis along with any resources you may need.





Web Design & Virtual Administrator

In need of a professional brand oriented website on Wix? I can help.  I have created multiple Wix websites for friends and clients.  I take everything you say into account and will make sure it is aesthetically pleasing to you and user friendly for the client. I take care of all the basic SEO and settings setups for you.

Along with website setup I can help you organize and streamline your business.   This can include setting up emails, filling out any forms that will need submitted, answering and responding to clients questions, scheduling appointments and pretty much all things Director of Operations or Virtual Administrator related.

Niagara Falls

Solo Female Travel Vlogger

I started my Prius build in October of 2021. I'm about 95% done and will be traveling the country with my 4 cats, my dog, and my rabbit.  I will keep a log of free campsites that I find and document my time exploring. I'll also keep you posted on my experience, how I #vanlife with so many pets, and what it's like living in a car staying off grid.  Follow along on my social media and YouTube.




Maple the Lionhead Bunny




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